About me. 

Energetic TU Delft Msc. graduated student with an international background in design, entrepreneurship & innovation. Passionate about solving global environmental challenges through disruptive (bio)technologies, design thinking and inspiring leadership. 

The technology to fight climate change is there, but why is it not everyone using it? In this frustration lies Bob Hendrikx's passion. This environmental entrepreneur and innovator wants to make sustainability accessible for everyone. Bob is the founder of The Motown Movement, Super Power and part of the top 100 of young sustainable entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. His vision is to empower and inspire people towards a sustainable future. Bob has been featured on (inter)national media platforms such as TEDx, Fox News, NOS and NRC.


2017 - 2019

TU Delft Msc. Arch. Engineering (9.1/10)

2017 - 2017

LTU Detroit Design 

2012 - 2015

TU Delft Bsc. Architecture + Honours programme (7.6/10)






Dutch Design Week 2019 - selected for main building (Klokgebouw)

Pitch Competition All Energy Day 2018 - 1st Place

ASN Bank World Award 2018 - Semi-finalist

TU Delft Student Inspiration Award 2017 - 1st Place


2017 - 2019

2017 - 2019



Member of 'The 100 young sustainable pioneers of The Netherlands' 

Gave 50+ presentations at minor and large events (e.g. TEDx2019)

10 day startup tour in Silicon Valley with e.g. Google X, NASA and Ycombinator 

Publications and broadcasts on (inter)national news media (e.g. NRC, NOS, FOX) 

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