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With more than 4 years of professional pitching experience I have spent many hours on stage at minor and large events (e.g. TEDx). I am your guy for an energetic, innovative and inspiring talk. Are you excited? 100% laugh and cry guarantee! Let's discuss the possibilities.


How can we restore the parasitic relationship between man and nature? What if you could become compost? And instead of polluting the environment, donating your nutrients to a tree?


Imagine a building that breathes, grows and is able to heal itself. A prototype of  'world's first living home' was presented during the Dutch Design Week and now on display at the Verbeke Foundation in Antwerpen. 

Super Power.

A monthly subscription on light, fresh air and hot water. By leasing sustainable housing technologies, homeowners will reduce their energy bill while saving the world for future generations.

The Motown Movement.

​Why do 3 students buy a house in Detroit for $1000? To make sustainable housing accessible for everyone by combining research and education in a showcase for low-budget DIY technologies.

Destroy or rehab?

What happens when 61% of the populations leaves a city? This project raises awareness by giving blight a colorful voice.  This four apartment brick home at 9308 Genessee St. (1924), has been demolished in June 2018.

Maldives Matter.

A window into the problems of the Maldives. The islands that are on the front-line of climate change and are fighting against large scale waste problems.

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Innovator, biodesigner and environmental entrepreneur Bob Hendrikx strives to restore the parasitic relationship with humanity and its environment by expanding the horizon of human imagination and exploring living materials.

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